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We are the premier optical platform of products, services and business solutions to the eye care industry. We are focused on the future of eye care professionals, helping them succeed by making practices and stores more competitive and assisting them to effectively navigate market changes.


A Fresh Perspective on Eye Care in Canada


Why ABB Optical Group Canada?

Consolidate your purchasing with ABB Optical Group Canada to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and advance patient care.

We use leading-edge technology and superior customer service to deliver quality products at competitive prices. As your go-to consultant, ABB Optical Group Canada’s team gets to know your business, allowing us to offer solutions that will help your practice grow.

Single-Source Convenience To Improve Efficiencies
Access and Choice to Help You Grow
Data & Business Insights to Inform Your Decisions
Enhanced Service to Increase Productivity


Discover ABB Optical Group Canada

A unique optical platform, delivering high quality single-source distribution of soft contact lenses and tailored business solutions that create value for eye care professionals and their patients.

ABB is an authorized distributor of all major contact lens manufacturers. We have the largest consolidated portfolio of soft contact lenses in the country and are dedicated to being the premier independent optical platform.

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ABB Optical goes above and beyond, working directly with our industry collaborators to provide real-time analytical data and operational solutions to help you attract and retain patients, as well as effectively maximize profits.

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ABB Analyze

Empower your business with ABB Analyze, a data analytics and business intelligence software, designed to help track, measure and improve the performance of your practice or store.

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